Friday, January 9

Rise and Shine

This morning the pink glow of the clouds caught my eye. As I was driving back from the morning school bus drop-off, desperately looking for a good place to get a long view of the sunrise. I noticed a dirt road and pulled in. While shooting in the chill 14 degree air a small of group of robins flew directly overhead. I felt so blessed at that moment.

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  1. Nice picture. Burrr sounds like a cold morning though. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  2. beutiful sunrise. The cold no thanks!

  3. Winter mornings are sometimes the most beautiful. I love the view on my way to work. Your picture is so well composed! Stunning, really!

  4. Beautiful way to start the day:)

  5. Isn't it amazing how bird flying close over your head give one the sense of yust having been overwhelmingly blessed? It usually happens when we heed the voice that says 'turn off the beaten track', which you had just done.
    Lovely sunrise.


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