Monday, January 5

Its all put away until next year.

We spent part of this weekend packing up the Christmas tree and all the house decorations.
Next year we are at a different house, so this was the last time for Christmas where we are.
We purchased a house in "the city" and look forward to the conveniences we'll have there. Home is what you make it, it's not the physical place/stuff. We've been fortunate to be able to take a year to move from one place to the other. The "new" house needs lots of work and we look forward to those challenges as well. Here's, looking forward to the adventure!


  1. I put our Christmas decorations away over the weekend too. Funny how bare the house looks until you get used to it. Good luck with your move & your "new" house!

  2. I'm rather late in putting all my Christmas decor away, I just don't want it to go.
    Good luck in your new home.


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