Sunday, February 22

My Girls : The Hens

Carole at Fowl Visions recently posted about WHY she has chickens.
I realized that I have only posted once that I have hens.
I have four girls.
Two white leg-horns and then Blackie & Red.
So, why?
Well, being a farm daughter I seem to have this in-grained need to do chores and care for farm critters. I can't think of a better way to get the morning started then lugging fresh water & feed for them every day. In return they give me eggs, laughs, friendly pecks and joy.
My family thinks I'm crazy.
I built their little chicken coop my self with scrap lumber I rescued from the town dump.
It's not large, about the size of a dog house with one window and a door with a ramp out into their fenced yard. The view above is looking in through the nest box door. The lights give them the hours of light they need to keep producing eggs (14) as well as warming the place in the freezing temperatures we have here in winter.

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  1. I think it's wonderful that you have chickens!! I bet those eggs taste good:)


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