Friday, February 20

Sugar Snow

Click on the link above to see the sky all over the world.
A saying my parents use to describe wet, heavy snow
that falls in large flakes and clings to everything.
A regular occurrence during the Maple Sugar Season.
I love how it dresses up the trees.
All are white again if only for a few hours
before the sun and wind release it from the branches.


  1. The trees look like they belong in a fairytale:)

  2. It is a magical sight! Beautiful photos:)

  3. It does indeed look like a picture from a fairy tale! Just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! Happy SWF!

  4. Beautiful...I love it when the snow clings to the trees...

  5. Absolutely breath taking. It looks so surreal!

  6. Always reminds me of the snow scene from Dr. Zhivago. Really beautiful. We'll have to wait a few more weeks before it gets warm enough up here to have a wet snow that clings. Great pics. -Sandy

  7. These are lovely. I am not tired of winter yet. I know it will be over soon, so I sop it all up, taking in every bit. Before you know it we will find ourselves in a new and wonderful season.


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