Tuesday, August 4

I felt fine Saturday......where did the rest of the week go?

We went to a country wedding for our friend's daughter held on the lawn at their house. A marvelous party with wonderful food and the fun went all afternoon and late into the evening.
Sunday morning was quiet. After I mowed the lawn I had a hard time cooling off and my throat hurt. Monday morning just a sore throat and off to work I go. As the day progressed, ugh, headache and Congestion!!!!
The rest of the week I laid low. My head felt like it was in a huge clamp. I took medicine and slept. The cats thought it was great fun having someone home to nap with.

Last week was just a blur. Something good did come out of this: I realize I don't have to kill my self to get everything done all at once. Some things can wait and it's OK! Driving to work this Monday and even at work I had this feeling of peacefulness and calm.


  1. Hi Andrea,
    Same here - I "never" get sick but suddenly a couple nights ago - whammy! I've spent 2 beautiful days INSIDE! However, did get to photograph a bear in our yard, which I'll post soon. Hope you're feeling much better.

  2. Hope you're better now Andrea.
    Seems like all that was your body telling you to 'slow down.'
    Love that shot of the cat sleeping. He looks so contented.


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