Monday, August 31

Right back on the job.

They passed their check ups with flying colors.
Bright eyes, clean ears, good teeth and sleek coats.
And a quick shot surely wasn't going to slow these 2 down.

Orion on the attic stairs.
Stella checking out the camera.
Renovation Update:
  • 2 bedrooms finished
  • bathroom finished
  • office finished
  • living room only needs two pieces of base board installed.
  • attic master bedroom is now insulated, sheet-rocked, mud & primed. Ceiling painted. Wired and lighting installation 1/2 done.
Lots more painting upstairs. Flooring and trim to install upstairs.


  1. Wow - you've been busy. Good those kittens are there to supervise. Let's have a house warming when it's done - you can make the custard!

  2. Coming along nicely with those two helpers lol

  3. Good work!! Can't wait to see the finished product! The cats are looking sooooo cute:)


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