Wednesday, August 12

Purple Post

(Joe Pie Weed)
I was on a walk-about and saw bits of purple everywhere.

Eye-candy I caught at the local farm stand.

(Bee Balm)
If you look close there are bees buzzing about.

This hedge of Bee Balm makes its home at the edge of the parking lot at work.
It managed to sneak under the fence to our side.

Cone flower in the early morning light.

(Echinacia Purpurea)
Here with a daddy long-legs.


  1. Beautiful flower pictures Andrea.
    The 'eye candy' is a stunner.

  2. These are perfect purples, Andrea. If you don't mind me saying...that Daddy Long Leg caught on the Cone Flower is one of your best - great composition! Bee Balm is my nemesis! I cannot get rid of its underground spreading roots!


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