Monday, August 10

Ruby Tuesday : Happy Hound & Lovely Lilies


  1. Is your dog driving?

    Love the lilies, especially your bottom shot. Great angle, makes me want to touch it.

  2. Your dog looks big enough to drive -lol! Cute! The flower photos were fantastic!

  3. Love the colour of those lilies; and the truck :)

  4. I wish they were mine, but the pooch & truck were at the Post Office. A~

  5. Nice truck!

    Gorgeous flowers!!!

  6. I'll take the truck, any day. Thank you for putting it on here.
    I scrolled down to the Hood Milk truck. I think we drank that in Manchester, N.H.
    One fourth of my roots are from Maine, moved up from New Hampshire in the 1700's. They were the Fletchers, Moses (a cousin) came on the Mayflower.

    Happy RT, thank you for your visit and the nice comment about WC etiquette and cleanliness.

  7. :lol: My dogs always keep my seat warm too. I wouldn't trust either of them driving though.

    The Daylilies are a really nice color.

  8. Nice truck. I love the old ones like that :)


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