Tuesday, August 18

Got Corn?

It is hard for me to describe the excitement I get at the sight of a corn-field.
The farm daughter in me just can't resist stopping and trespassing into the rows of corn.
It is cool and shady in there. The smell is sweet and earthy all at once.

Childhood memories of my father and uncles cutting corn silage
to fill the silos for winter feed flood my mind.


  1. Not to mention how good fresh picked corn tastes this time of year. Got some today at a farm not too far from here. Yummy!

  2. What a beautiful blog...and place. I especially like trail walks just enjoying nature.

  3. Yes, walking through the corn rows is a fond memory of mine. We are finally getting local corn in the markets here in CO - delicious! I could make a meal of it (with some heirloom tomatoes).

  4. Being a city girl I think I would just think about what kind of creatures would be lurking in there! Nice photos!


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