Thursday, August 6

Wandering about Vermont

We happened upon this quaint public garden as we were passing through Grafton Vt.
A nice place to stop half way home from the Townsend Dam after going to the cousins party.
After fresh grilled corn on the cob, hamburgers and tons of salads the younger cousins had GIANT marshmallows. I have never seen them so large...the size of your fist.
Then we stopped at my mom's place and picked 2 quarts of her blueberries. Yummy!


  1. Hi Andrea,
    I've been to both Grafton and Townsend Dam. Did I tell you we had a house in Bondville when our kids were younger (in the 80's)? Our boys did some sailboarding on the dam.

  2. Great photo of the old shiny!! And the driver...he's adorable!!

    Now, tell me....only TWO quarts? I would've eaten that many as I was pickin' 'em.

    My R T is posted...the "Lady in Red". Come by for a visit if you have time. Happy Tuesday.


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