Wednesday, May 20

70 Slippers Counted

May 15th is my son's birthday (22 this year, wow!) & the Pink Lady Slippers are always just blooming around that time. So, I'm dragging you out into the woods once again!

Yesterday after work I decided to get some photos of our Lady Slippers and then I was wondering just how many I could find.
You have to go slow and make sure you're not walking on them, squat down and check the forest floor. They like the oak undergrowth with filtered light.
It has been on the endangered species list as folks wanted to collect them.
It belongs to the Orchid family.
This plant relies on a fungus to open and feed its seed. The plant can live for 20 years or more.


  1. You didn't have to drag me, Andrea - I was happy to come along! Hope your son had a wonderful b-day. I was going to tell you the second photo of the Lady Slipper against the lichen-covered rock was my favorite - but then the last... how gorgeous!

  2. I'm glad you did drag me. What a beautiful flower.
    I agree with Barb; that last picture is stunning!

  3. So delicate & beautiful and what a treasure hidden in the woods like that!

  4. ...the second photo is stunning. Thank you for taking me along! I don't think I've ever seen Lady's Slipper in the wild. It's so nice you can mark you son's birthday with the blooming of this delicate flower!

  5. Hi Andrea
    It's a good thing I didn't go on the walk.. I would've watered those fancy slippers. Very very pretty.


  6. Hi I just found you through Google images looking for Pink lady slipper pictures. These are gorgeous. Happy Birthday to your son (last year & this year) and hope there are still lots of them!
    PS I linked to you for these pretty pics.


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