Thursday, May 7

Yard inspection

Skunkerella approves of how the chives are coming along.
Jackie had no idea the primrose would winter-over from last year.
Yes, the pansies are well placed and looking fine. Now the house can go on the market.


  1. I'm trying to grow some of that cat-grass right now for Pickles, our house cat who loves to eat my flower arrangements. I've gotta wait 8 days until it's ready...can't wait to see if he likes it. Your beautiful cats have a lovely yard with lovely plants to munch on!

  2. Glad the yard is to their liking. Didn't know you are putting your house on the market. Did I miss something? -Sandy

  3. Good to have their approval :)

  4. Sandy,
    We've already bought the "new tiny house" just 20 minutes down the highway in the "City". So the "Country House" is on the market along with everyone else.


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