Wednesday, May 13

Johnny Jump-ups

My daughter was asking me if I liked gardening when I was a kid.
I had to think for a minute because to my surprise I really don't think I did.
My Mom made me weed the vegetable garden.....and I hated it.
Those poor green beans got so much abuse.
And picking wasn't that much better.
NOW....I wonder what was wrong with me.
If I only had the time to weed, I'd be out there all day.


  1. It's sort of like taking a nap. When I was a kid it was a battle to get me to sleep and now it's "Get out of my way, I want my bed!" :)Sandy

  2. I really like that shot Andrea. The out of focus background is perfect; not competing with the flowers, but putting them in context.
    I love gardening. Great to just switch off, and immerse yourself in whatever the task is.

  3. It's a lot different now that people aren't telling us what we HAVE to do...we actually get to do what we WANT to do! I love this phase of my life! Beautiful photo:)

  4. made me laugh. Isn't that the way. I loved planting, watering, harvesting, deadheading, and sitting in the garden as a kid, but weeding...blech! Now I also love it. It's so relaxing.


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