Friday, May 8


Spring is a time of renewal. Plants that were dormant during the cold winter are once again coming to life. As I traipse about looking for those familiar wild plants I hear the bird songs of summer. The cardinal and hermit thrush have returned and I stop and take it all in this chorus of nature.
The delicate bell-like blossoms of the Low-bush blueberry and maroon trillium are among my finds. I remember picking trillium for my mother as a child and having my father laugh and tell me it's common name was Stinking Benjamin. If you've ever held it up close it is the perfect name for such a lovely thing.
I always feel renewed after I take the time to breath in the sounds and smells of nature.


  1. Oh how I love the little things:) Glad you had the time to enjoy them!

  2. My favourite time of year, spring. New beginings, and so much to take in.


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