Saturday, May 30

Gnu London Whimsy

There is a fund raising event going on much like cows on parade. These are wildebeests and most are painted. This one is truly alive. Click in to see all its glory.
A true fork in the road.
Every year a new one shows up during the night and then some college student nabs it.


  1. Love the wildebeest! He's beautiful!!

  2. What an amazing Wildebeest.
    I bet that took some putting together.
    'Fork in the road', lol love it.

  3. I've always thought I'd love to have a succulent "animal" - not as big as the Wildebeest, of course. Maybe mine could be a rabbit.

  4. That wildebeest was neat to see - really beautiful!

  5. I am so glad I clicked on your wildebeest! It is wonderful. It can grow and grow and grow. I think succulents are amazing little creatures!


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