Tuesday, May 26

Weekend summary

Friday night = sand and drywall
Saturday = drywall til 11:30pm
Sunday = shop with daughter & drywall
Monday = Parade & dig in dirt
These bridges are in Henniker, NH. Parade go-ers are waiting for the marching bands.
The parade was solemn with the colors flying and patriotic marches played.
I made it as far as the little light before it got too dark to see what I was doing.
I removed sod (3 feet wide by 10 feet long) to plant veggies, yes in the front yard!


  1. What a busy weekend!
    Tuesday rest? :)

  2. Someday you'll get to change your profile photo to "you having some fun"! I'm sure you will be very proud of yourself when you're done with all this hard work!

  3. A one-lane covered bridge??? Sounds as though a lot of dry-walling and digging happened. I bet you made some progress. It will be great when it's finished. I'll also be gardening tomorrow!

  4. Digging in the dirt sounds like much more fun than dry walling.

  5. Veggies planted in the front lawn. Shocking! (I did that, too)


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