Friday, May 29

I hate ceilings.

In order to get the job done right my trusty music box is ever present. Late night radio on The Mill plays classic rock mostly from the 80's . Their motto: Embarrass the kids and turn it up.
At first I thought is was extravagant to by purchase another step-ladder. Turns out it has paid for itself 10 fold. Couldn't have done the job without it, I'm too short to reach the ceiling with the "guys" 2-step model.

OH! SEE! yuck, that means yet another layer of compound to feathering out and sand and wet-sand. The ceiling light just magnifies the imperfections. This is in my husband's office (he is a Tax Accountant), he said that most people won't notice they'll be too busy worrying about how much they own in taxes. Maybe so but it is getting another coat.
Stairs to the attic room. They actually curve and exit into the dining room. We had to remove the wall into the living room in order to get 4' x 8' sheetrock up there, and furniture someday. The guys have got half of the 2nd floor wired and insulated and sheetrocked. woohoo


  1. Wow, you really are talented! I wouldn't even know how to start a job like this!

  2. Oh - it's really coming along. However, if I were there, you'd have to find a station with REAL oldies! Are you living in the house as you work on it? I cannot imagine that but know it's done.

  3. I like your husband's attitude: they won't notice with their head in a vise. Good luck with the renovations. I remember when we did that - except in Bermuda we don't have stud walls and drywall. Houses are made of foot deep cement blocks. So let's say you want to add a little electrical outlet over there. Lovely. A guy will come to your house, live there, and jackhammer through solid concrete for months till it's done. Good grief.

  4. You've all been very busy. I wouldn't know where to start; hopeless at stuff like that.
    Love that music box lol


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