Friday, May 15

Hug your cat day!

Maui Waui is his name. He loves hugs. He loves to sleep. He is great at putting you to sleep if you are relaxing on the couch. He is such a big cat that he can't be a lap cat...your legs will start to tingle because of his weight. He is so mellow except about food. He has to have his wet tuna every night or we hear about it. And he better not be able to see the bottom of the dry food bowls or we'll hear about it. Make sure you hug your kitties. Happy Weekend!


  1. He looks a giant; but loveable.
    I guess he's the boss then, by the sound of it. :)

    A great weekend to you too Andrea.

  2. Oh you are one big boy Maui Waui. What a beauty!!

  3. Oh boy, I adore the name!! And what a huge cat but so much to love... my kitty is a big boy too but not quite that big but on the way, I am sure!!
    I am sure to hug my cat!!

  4. He is a beautiful big boy! Tell him my cat Marvin says hello!!


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