Friday, May 1

Owl Print

A wayward owl flew into an Orem Library window during a snow storm on April 17th.
My brother who lives in Utah emailed this incredible photo from the local paper.
See the Daily Herald for the full story.


  1. Amazing picture, and interesting story with the link.
    Let's hope he did survive that.

  2. We had a hawk fly into one of our big high windows and the imprint was there for years. (Now you know I don't wash those windows very often. I don't like high step ladders.) Great picture. -Sandy

  3. There never was an owl carcass found. I do hope he survived. The owls love the library's big pine trees and we still have owl droppings to be found. :) Amy (the lucky person who took the picture--although I just happened to be the one with a camera, a co-worker pointed it out to me)


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