Monday, May 18

Gaywings : Fringed Polygala

I did not know these wildflowers as a child. They were something I discovered just a couple of year ago on the edge of our field. Such a funny little thing, reminds me of an airplane.


  1. Spring has sprung!! Nice photos:)

  2. They certainly do. Like a tiny propeller at the front. Very nice.

  3. Hi Andrea,
    I'm getting caught up on my reading. Love your flower pics - the Johnny Jump Ups on a former post are so perky! Also, I'd gladly give your kitty a hug. Hope it's as pretty as it looks in your New England springtime.

  4. Well, these are quite unique for sure!! They really do look like little airplanes and I'm not sure if I have seen these delightful little flowers around here, I'll have to keep my eyes open... beautiful!


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